Discovering iPhone 5 – What To Expect From The Latest Apple Gadget

With the recently released iPhone 5, Apple had to find a middle solution to satisfy both the old customers and the potential ones. There was a tough balance for the manufacturer, especially since everyone craved for some changes. But at the same time, the existing owners were supposed to feel at home too. In the end, the gadget managed to raise to some expectations. If the rumors predicted a completely different change, the differences are minor, yet significant enough.


The dimensions represent the main change. Although you may not feel the difference as you hold the gadget, putting it next to a previous version can underline the change. It is not just taller, but also thinner. It is hard to observe the change on a black switched off device, but the white ones can easily accentuate the larger screen.

Before iPhone 5, every model had the same 3.5 inch wide display. The half-inch introduced for iPhone 5 implies a higher resolution – 1136×640 pixels, but also a new row of icons on the main screen. As for the contrast and brightness, they have remained unchanged.


The new processor may be weaker than what all the enthusiasts expected, but the results are definitely encouraging. Everything is faster compared to the previous iPhones. Everything loads up almost instantly, whether you think about websites, camera or games. As for the graphical performance, it is now two times more powerful than in iPhone 4S. Therefore, the games are extremely fast and bring in a continuous play, without any framing problems.


The megapixels have not changed at all, but the sensor and lens have been clearly improved. The sensor can now support 8MP, while the latter is more resistant than ever. Since this is a smartphone camera, it is obviously not as advanced as your more sophisticated DSLR, but the device is always ready to shoot when needed. As for the video, the improved stabilization is obvious in the quality.

If you upgrade from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5, the difference is remarkable. Most commonly, you will notice the attention to small details. Taking a portrait picture or capturing a landscape will give you an amazing result. The new gadget is also performing better in low light. Aside from all these features, you are now free to take pictures while you shoot videos.

The front camera has been through the most significant upgrade. The previous versions used to rely on VGA, while the new one is able to shoot 720p videos.

Operating system

iOS 6 brings in a wide variety of new features, including the highly expected Apple Maps, which replace the Google Maps. The Flyover feature is among the impressive show-off applications, with 3D modeled city panoramas. The only real problem is the fact that Apple’s maps are not fully developed yet, so the coders are still working on them.

If you find that your iPhone battery is not lasting as it should, or there is a software corruption you can get your iPhone 5 repaired.

A few other surprising changes the new iPhone 5 brings in include:

  • New USB port that can take a memory stick in any position
  • Better WiFi power
  • LTE modem and 4G

Yes…. i Do Love It…. iPhones, iPads and iPods – thank you Apple!

Thanks Apple.

No, I really mean it.

The iPhone actually is by far the best phone I have ever owned – and I have owned a few. From my beloved Nokia 8850, to my Blackberry Bold 9000.

I used to work for a phone company – so I used to test drive the latest and greatest phones as they arrived and I may have had 50+ phones over the years – but the iPhone is a revelation, and with the latest iPhone (iPhone 5) things have only gotten better.